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Server Details


PVE Easy[edit]

This server is a relativly tame PVE server with a few PVP like aspects.

Theres a few zombies spread around the map, but not a lot, Raidable bases, Heli events, and a few additional NPC's to keep a bit of excitement for those that want to go hunting.

You have a portable recycler, mymini, myheli and an increased loot and decresed decay.

Additional airdrops that are easy to find (there on the map as green dots).

If you like testing your base, theres NPC raiders you can call in varying from reasonably easy to more challenging.

This server is more for those that like building large bases or just exploring.

Minis and helis are mostly indestructable, so its a great server to learn how to fly these.

PVE Hard[edit]

Similar to the PVE easy, but with more NPC's, more challenging events lower loot rates (but this doesnt seem to stop players getting a lot of loot).

More zombies an hoards.

This server is more for the player that like some action with more of a challenge but wants to be able to build without fear of being raided (unless you call in an NPC raid).


This server is a PVP server with lightly increates loot rates and some events to keep your interest up. Dont expect people to leave you alone (though some are friendly) and expect your base to be tested by real players.


Similar to the PVP server, but with a much higher loot rate and increased stacking. This server is probably better suited to the player that wants a quick start.