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PvP Specifics


In the PVE server, theres a number of admins with full access and any one of the would be able to assist.

On the PVP server, we have an internal rule for the admins. On the PVP server, and admin CANNOT play in the game and DOES NOT have access to maps or give tools etc. These permissions are removed from them for the duration of the wipe.

On both our servers, admins have yellow text. There's generally one of us only that has admin on the PVP server and they may not always be on. Other admins will have access to various controls to perform operations on the PVP server, but they will NOT have access to anything that could give them an advantage in-game.

If you ever have any suspcions that an admin is not behaving, then please call for another admin in discord and inform them of the details of you're suspicions. We do take these issues seriously.