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Game Hints


PVE Specifics

In PVE mode, your small refinery and large refinery are not safe from theft. Make sure you keep them empty when you're not around, or have them in a small room. It's also safe to leave your SAM sites and turrets active as they wont be able to fire while PVE is active, but will immediately become active when we switch to PVP at the end of wipe.

Dont forget you have a Portable Recycler and a Backpack to help you out.

If you're full up and dont want to run/fly home, you can do a /home name to go home, unload, then do a /tpb to return back to where you were. This is also useful if you forget something (like a keycard when you're on cargo).

You can put a lock on your mini or attack heli to prevent theft.

The PVP zone has offline protection but not until you have been offline for 2 minutes.

You can get a mini with /mymini or an attack heli with /myheli. Both have a cooldown of about 40 minutes.

Keep an eye on this page as more hints may become available